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Posted on December 9, 2012 by Lumi Laura

Silent Scythe is a mostly all female military force within the race of vampires. They are young women who without their consent have been made vampires and stripped of their lives. Some were discontents who didn’t know what they were getting into before being turned. Once inducted into Silent Scythe, they have all been trained not only in the art of selfdefense but also the fine art of killing vampires.

Cosmina is both one of them and yet not one of them. They are a group of small, slim young vampires, but some are very old. They have been at work for centuries cleaning up the messes made by Alu and other vampires within his community. Other vampire groups exist that are more or less autonomous, but Alu, being the first vampire, is the most powerful and respected. Cosmina is a member of Silent Scythe who doesn’t fit the mold and that’s why she is their mole within Alu’s empire.

Silent Scythe is run by a small, extremely young vampire. She never matured past fifteen for some reason. Yet she has been around for two millennia. She was at the Crucifixion. When Alu tasted the blood of Christ and inherited all his pain, Alu went into a fit of rage. He turned on Christ’s disciples and sucked them dry. He turned none of them, except one. Her name was Mary, not Jesus’ mother or Mary Magdalen, so many were named Mary at that time, but the prostitute who the church claimed was Mary Magdalen. She’d become a follower of Christ, but when Alu sucked her blood, she flew into a rage and bit him back for molesting her. Unwittingly, she became a vampire. Alu didn’t want Mary to be a vampire and tried to stake her, but she eluded him. Eluded but followed him, and he hated her for it. She shadowed him for hundreds of years and became a great irritation.

During the years following Alu’s fateful encounter with Christ’s blood, he was particularly hard on Christ’s followers. Mary drove him away from preying on them and warned them of his coming. She was ever a thorn in his side. So pure at heart was this girl that she never failed her savior, although she could never be in heaven with him. When Alu turned one of Christ’s followers, Mary made an assessment of them, and if she deemed them worthy, she gave them her gift, which came to her through Alu’s blood because it was so soon after Alu had tasted Christ’s blood. She had them bite her, and they became enlightened. They remained vampires, yes, but they were enlightened and set apart from the rest of the race of vampires.

Realize that the Silent Scythe are different from most vampires. They are all young, mobile, and militant for the cause of Christ, and come between Alu and his would-be victims. In the first centuries following Christ’s crucifixion, Alu was violent and degenerate. Silent Scythe staked many of the vampires he turned. They corrected his mistakes, and gradually he came to mellow. The stigmata he was particularly upset about. He’d been a vampire for over a thousand years and had become used to the Curse of Cheiron, but what he inherited from Christ was new and particularly painful, and he cursed him many times over his new afflictions. Gradually, Alu came to calm down about the stigmata, and Silent Scythe nudged him in better directions, and he came to appreciate their influence, but they never made peace with him. They always eluded him, stayed at a distance, formed their own community and tried to work good in the world. They not only corrected Alu’s mistakes, they also tried to correct many of the wrongs in the world that were not caused by Alu. The vampires they redirected had an influence on Alu although he never recognized that this influence came from Silent Scythe.

Members are not always in uniform. Most of their time, they are they mix with other vampires, and it is only through an alert system that they are activated. When they decide that they must take action, they determine what form it should take. If it requires force, they don their military garb, grab their weapons and form ranks. They are like fairies, characteristically young, agile, here today, gone tomorrow. In combat, they are without peer.

Mary rarely shows herself anymore in vampire circles. Generally she is out among the people of the world, doing good where she can, practicing Christ’s teachings, but never feeding off her human friends who do not guess that she is a vampire. They only see her at night. She is totally ignored by the divine world. They don’t even know she exists, since her soul is on Millennium Road and no longer tethered to heaven. This bothered her greatly at first, but she is so good at heart that she doesn’t care if her works are never recognized. It is enough to know that she is making a difference in the world, that Christ’s word is of value even if no heavenly reward will come later. The act is the reword. Making a difference.

Who Is Silent Scythe?

Posted on December 9, 2012 by Lumi Laura

Few know Silent Scythe exists. Not everyone is pleased that we do. We are a secret society of vampires who patrol the edges of vampire existence policing the ranks and eliminating those who commit atrocities either against other vampires or the civilian population. We are neither police nor military, but we act somewhat like both. Vampires are immortal and really difficult to kill. Atrocities cannot go unpunished, and here we’re talking about the real extremes of bad behavior. Vampires are by their very nature not good people. They are parasites. They feed off humans. So we’re talking extreme behavior patterns that even vampires consider totally unacceptable. Silent Scythe eliminates them. We also incarcerate some for a period of time to fully understand who they are, but generally we only deal with situations where questions of guilt don’t arise. We don’t deal with moral questions either. We cull the worst of vampires. We are assassins, slayers, and executioners. We are predominately women. We do allow men into our organization, but we do so reluctantly. Do you qualify? If we need you, we’ll let you know.

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